web design
Created a landing page for online school with the target audience being senior and middle managers. The main goal of the website was to introduce a user to the upcoming current course. The main blocks on the website tell about the benefits of the course, the format, cost and teachers. The site is aimed at an audience aged 25 to 40 years.

I was in charge of customer experience and visual design.
My responsibilities included:
· Working closely with copywriter, product manager and developers. The interaction with developers included only the payment part of the platform
· Adaptation of the platform for mobile users
· UI optimization keeping in mind user behavior statistics
· A bit of graphic design (logo and presentations)

Execution of all UX/UI design stages from concept to the final proposal.
Role: Web Design, Prototyping
Tools: Figma, Tilda
Client: Okkama school
Year: 2021
I am looking for an opportunity for a remote job or a company willing to relocate to any EU country.
! By the way I am not an EU person, because of this I need an employment visa.
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